Health Care Beyond Medicine

As we race into the 21st century, technologies advance exponentially to empower and enable the healthcare industry to alleviate a wider range of illnesses. A holistic approach is required to delve into the healthcare reformation as experts have demonstrated clearly that the combination of biological, psychological, behavioural, socio-cultural as well as external factors, such as, access to healthcare are the determining factors of personal health. Humanistic medicine is vital in order to provide the medical service with respect, and to tailor to individual needs.

At Tzu Chi Foundation, medicine has never been the sole factor among the caretakers but the ascendancy of humanistic medicine prevails. The groundwork and culture is often forged during the international medical relief missions and medical outreach activities to the poor and needy, abet by over 5,500 TIMA members.

"Healthcare Beyond Medicine" aims to ignite the dialogues among our healthcare professionals, both locally and internationally, on the humanistic and holistic approach in industry. It is with hope and firm resolution that this conference will instil and inspire the healthcare providers to embrace the art of humanistic care, to rebuild the trust between the healthcare providers and recipients, and to envision the healthcare profession – beyond medicine.