Programme Outline

Date Highlight

17th March 2017 (Friday)

9.00am – 8.30pm

Working toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Healthcare

by Dr. Lin, Chin-Lon

CEO, Tzu Chi Medical Mission

Saving Lives in the Remote Area – Rumah Penyayang Tzu Chi Pitas

by Sabah Medical Team

(Mr Joseph Lee, Medical Volunteer)

The Cornerstone of Safe Guarding and Protecting Lives

by Dr. Lee, Yi

Medical Secretary & Director General of Quality Control Department,

Tzu Chi Hualien General Hospital

Charity vs Medicine

by KL & Selangor Medical Team

(Dr Chua, Yeok Pin, Orthopedic Surgeon, Sunway Medical Centre)

Safeguarding the Medical Mission in Spirit of Great Love – Tzu Chi Dialysis Centre

by Penang Medical Team

(Mdm Norhaida Md Saman, Head Nurse,

and Mdm Teoh, Bee Ling, Nurse Educator,

and Mdm Wong, Pei Hoay, Dialysis Nurse, Tzu Chi Dialysis Centre)

Multimedia in Medicine

by Dr. Chien, Sou-Hsin

Superintendent, Taichung Tzu Chi General Hospital

18th March 2017 (Saturday)

8.00am - 8.00pm

Health Promoting Hospital (HPH)

Panel discussion lead by Dr. Lin, Chin-Lon


1. Dr Lin, Ming Nan, Deputy Superintendent, Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital

2. Ms Gladys Wong, Chief Dietitian, Alexander Health Pte Ltd

3. Ms Faye Ferrer, Global Green & Healthy Hospital, Health Care Without Harm (Asia)

2014 Malaysia East Coast Flood Relief

by KL team (Assoc Prof Dr Zarina Awang & Dr Zazali bin Mohd Yatim)

and Penang team (Dr Tang, Kiat Beng)

Love Transcends All Boundaries and Religions

Experience sharing by Mrs Umi Waheeda

International Disaster Relief

by Philippines Team

(Mr Alfredo Li, Deputy CEO, Tzu Chi Philippine Branch

and Mr Michael Siao, Tzu Chi Volunteer)

Delivering Love and Hope to Syrian Refugees

by Dr. Lee, Yi-Pang

Head, Department of Oral Pathology, Tzu Chi Hualien General Hospital

and Dr Kenneth Liao, Deputy CEO, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation (New York Branch)

The Story of Refugees in Malaysia

by Mr Richard Towle, UNHCR Malaysia Representative,

and Dr Foo, Seay Liang, Project Coordinator (Tzu Chi - UNHCR)

19th March 2017 (Sunday)

8.00am - 4.00pm

Breakout Session 1



1. Equanimous Mind with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

by Dr Shen, Yi-Ying

Chief, Department of Chinese Medicine

Guanshan Tzu Chi General Hospital

2. How to Prevent Depression and Anxiety

by Dr Anne Yee

Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Medicine

University Malaya Medical Centre

3. New Found Life

by Dr Lim, Lian Cheoo

Tzu Chi Volunteers & TIMA members


Aging Population

1. Issues Faced by Aging Seniors – the overlooked and underserved

by Dr Lee Fatt Soon

Consultant Geriatrician & Physician, Head of Geriatric Services

Hospital Kuala Lumpur

2. Nutritional Concerns for Aging Population

by Dato’ Tan Yoke Hwa

Former Director of Allied Health Sciences Division

Ministry of Health

3. Aging and Oral Health

by Prof Dr Rahimah Abdul Kadir

Founding Dean

Faculty of Dentistry

Lincoln Univarsity College


Infectious Diseases

1. Changing Trends of Infectious Disease

by Dr Yasmin Mohamed Gani

Consultant Physician (Infectious Diseases)

Hospital Sungai Buloh

2. Living with HIV

by Mr Michael Chow, Shiuh Yun

Founder and Director, Faith Helping Centre (Malaysia)

2. End of Life Care for AIDS

by Dr Kamarul Azhar bin Mohd Razali

Consultant Paediatrician (Infectious Disease)

Rumah Solehah - Halfway House by Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia

Breakout Session 2


Mindfulness Gym

1. Mindfulness for stress reduction and wellness

by Dr Phang, Cheng Kar

Consultant Psychiatrist. Mindfulness-based Therapist

Sunway Medical Centre

2. I Am Not Alone

sharing by Cancer Support Group

(KL & Selangor) volunteers


Help me to mobilise again – Journey of Rehabilitation

1. Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Hearth Disease – TCM

Perspective by Dr Shen, Yi-Ying

Chief, Department of Chinese Medicine

Guanshan Tzu Chi General Hospital

2. Social Support Along the Journey of Rehabilitation

by Prof Madya Dr Nazirah binti Hasnan

Consultant Rehabilitation Physician, Deputy Director (Clinical)

Deputy Director (Clinical) University Malaya Medical Centre

3. Coping with Life’s Challenges and Changing Life’s Perspective

by Mr Yap, Kim Soon

Tzu Chi Care Recipient


Community & Environmental Responsibility

1. Mobile Medical Outreaches

by Mr Steven JK Voon

Executive Director, Tzu Chi

Mobile Clinic and Outreach

Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, USA

2. Recycling: From Hospital to Community

by Dr Ng Poh Yin

Head Unit & Consultant Urogynaecologist

Department of Obstetric & Gynaecology

Hospital Kuala Lumpur

3. Beyond Exercise

sharing by Stroke Support Group

(Klang) Volunteers

Food as Medicine

by Dr. Eddie Chan

TIMA KL & Selangor Coordinator

Overseas Speakers

Dr Lin, Chin-Lon Dr Lee, Yi Dr Chien, Sou-Hsin
Present Post: Present post: Present post:
Chief Executive Officer, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medicine Mission Secretary of Medical Administration, Department of Superintendent •  Superintendent, Taichung Tzu Chi General Hospital
Director, Research Centre for Clinical
Expertise: •  Chief, Centre of Quality Management Integrative Medicine
Angina myocardial infarction, Hyperlipidemia Attending Physician, Department of Anaesthesiology Expertise:
PTCA, Stenting, Associate Professor, Ministry of Education Cosmetic Surgery
Pacemaker insertion and follow up  Expertise: Laser Treatment and Microsurgery
Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease Anaesthesia Medicine Bromhidrosis Neck cancer
Medical Law Skin cancer
Patient Safety Congenital Malformation
Dr Lin, Ming Nan Dr Lee, Yi-Pang Dr Shen, Yi-Ying
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
Director, Department of Family Medicine, Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital Director, Oral Pathology, Dentistry Department, Hualien Tzu Chi General Hospital Chief, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guanshan Tzu Chi General Hospital
Vise Superintendent, Superintendent Office, Adjunct Associate Professor, Tzu Chi College of Expertise:
Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital Technology Ophthalmology, otolaryngology
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine Expertise: Headache, dizziness, chest pain
Department, College of Medicine, Tzu Chi Oral pathology Hepatobiliary gastrointestinal dysfunction
University Artificial prosthesis Gynecology and physical conditioning
Expertise: Artificial implants Before and after conditioning care for
Chronic diseases (Hypertension, diabetes, Family dentistry orthopedic surgery
high cholesterol, gastroenteritis) Cosmetic dentistry Bones pain management
Common acute diseases Meridians Research
Quit smoking programs
Preventive medicine
Health Promotion and Education
Ms Wong, Gladys Ms Ferrer, Faye Mrs Umi Waheeda Binti Abdul Rahman
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
Chief Dietitian, Alexander Health Pte Ltd Coordinator, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Dean, Yayasan Al Ashriyyah Nurul Iman Islamic
Expertise: (GGHH), Health Care Without Harm Asia Boarding School
Nutrition and Dietetics Expertise: Expertise:
Public Health/Community Health Environmental Health Management Islamic education
Nursing Science Green practice campaigns Boarding school management
Medical & Health Profession Education Waste audit
Policy Review and Recommendation
Mr. Voon, Setven JK Mr. Li, Alfredo Mr. Siao, Michael
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
Executive Director, Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic & •; Deputy CEO, Tzu Chi Philippine Branch Tzu Chi Volunteer, Tzu Chi Philippine Branch
Outreach Expertise: Expertise:
COO, Executive Vice President, Tzu Chi Medical Post disaster relief work Post disaster relief work
Foundation USA Cash for Work program Cash for Work program
Chief Coordinator, TIMA USA Logistics management Volunteer management
Set up of mobile clinic
Coordinating outreach programmes
Medical outreach logistics management

Local Speakers

Dr Chan, Seng Hung Eddie Mr Chow, Shiuh Yun Michael Dr Chua, Yeok Pin
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
Consultant Paediatrician, Dr Chan Child Founder, Faith Helping Centre Orthopedic Surgeon, Sunway Medical Centre
Specialist Clinic Expertise: Expertise:
Expertise: Community support for AIDS patient Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgery
Paediatrician Shelter for the needy Limb lengthening and reconstruction with external
Plant Based Nutrition fixator
Dr Foo, Seay Liang Dr Kamarul Azahar Mohd Razali Dr Yasmin Mohamed Gani
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
Head, Tzu Chi KL & Selangor Medical Department Head of Infectious Diseases Unit, Paediatric Consultant Physician (Infectious Disease)
Project Coordinator, UNHCR-Tzu Chi Institute, Hospital Kuala Lumpur Hospital Sungai Buloh
collaboration Supervisor, clinical lecturer and examiner, Expertise:
Expertise: UM, UKM, UPM, USIM, UiTM Infectious Diseases
General Physician Principal site investigator for TREAT Asia  HIV/AIDS
Mobile outreach for refugee Paediatric
Primary education for refugee HIV Observational Database Network (TApHOD)
Infectious Diseases
Dr Lee, Fatt Soon Mr Lee, Yun Ming Joseph Associate Professor Dr Nazirah binti Hasnan
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
Head, Geriatric Unit, Department of Medicine, Manager, Medical Mission, Tzu Chi Foundation Sabah Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation ,
Hospital Kuala Lumpur Expertise: Medicine Faculty of Medicine University of Malaya
Consultant Physician & Geriatrician, Event coordinator Expertise:
Department of Medical outreach Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation
Medicine, Hospital Kuala Lumpur Amputee rehabilitation
Lecturer in Geriatric Module (Final year Wound management
Medical Students), Universiti Putra Malaysia Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
Lecturer and examiner in Occupational Therapy, Pain management
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Lecturer, Occupational Therapy College,
Ministry of Health, Sungai Buloh
Geriatric Medicine, Gerontology
Alzheimer’s Disease
Dr Ng, Poh Yin Mdm Norhaida Md Saman, SRN Dr Phang, Cheng Kar
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
Head of Urogynaecology Unit,  Head Nurse, Buddhist Tzu Chi Dialysis Center Mindfulness-based Therapist, Sunway Medical Centre
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Expertise: Consultant Psychiatrist, Sunway Medical Centre
Hospital Kuala Lumpur Patient care management Expertise:
Senior Consultant, Department of Obstetrics  Safe and healthy work environment Mindfulness-based Therapy
and Gynaecology, Hospital Kuala Lumpur ISO documentation, audits and implementation Stress & Anxiety Disorders
Guest lecturer, UTAR Expert in cannulating AVF, AVG Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Expertise: Schizophrenia & Psychotic Disorders,
Urogynaecology Bipolar Disorders
Urinary Incontinence Adolescent Mental Health
Vaginal Hysterectomy Compassion Fatigue/Burnout
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms; Insomnia/Sleep difficulty
Community care for refugees Psychosomatic Illness
Recycling programme in hospital Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (LGBT) Issues
Prof Dr Rahimah Abdul Kadir Mr Richard Towle Dato Tan, Yoke Hwa
Present Post: Present Post: Currently Retired, Former Post:
Founding Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, Lincoln UNHCR Malaysian Representative Former Director of Allied Health Sciences Division,
University College Expertise: Ministry of Health
Expertise: International Development & Relations Expertise:
Oral Epidemiology Human Rights Charting of policy directions for professional
Preventive Dentistry Capacity Building development in Allied Health Professionals
Dental Public Health Foreign Policy Human resource planning, training and development
Humanitarian Assistance Professional development of Allied Health
International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Assoc Prof Dr Yee, Hway Ann @ Anne Assoc Prof Dr Zarina Awang Dr Zazali Bin Mohd Yatim
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
Associate Professor, Department of  Associate Professor, Lecturer and Clinician, Medical Officer, Poliklinik Zazali
Psychological Medicine, Faculty of Medicine,  Medical Faculty & Health Sciences, CEO, Kumpulan Perubatan Zazali Sdn Bhd
University of Malaya Lincoln University College Visiting Lecturer (Clinical Medicine),
Expertise: Expertise: Lincoln University College
Psychiatry in Addiction Anesthesia & Intensive Care in a non-ideal Expertise:
Psychosexual management situation Private Medical Services
Palliative Care Emergency Medicine Health Education Programme for the Public
Cardiology: Internal Medicine & Intensive Care
Instructor Trainer for CPR module: BLS, ACLS, PALS
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Healthcare and Entrepreneurship
Medical Mission with NGO
Publication for School, MEF Programme, LUC magazine and TIMA activities
Dr Kenneth Liao Dr Lim, Lian Cheoo Mdm Teoh, Bee Ling SRN
Present Post: Present Post: Present Post:
General Practitioner, Private Practice Clinical Associate Professor, Nurse Educator, Buddhist Tzu Chi Dialysis Centre
Expertise:   Department of Endodontic, College of Dentistry Expertise:
Public Health Promotion New York University, New York Staff Development Expertise as: educator,
Local and International medical outreach Dental Director, Tzu-Chi Free Mobile Dental Van & Clinic New York Chapter consultant,facilitator, change agent, leader and researcher
Research in biomaterials used in endodontics
Toxicity of endodontic medicaments and materials
Dental outreach mission