We have committed to donate in Malaysia (Since May, 2021)

medical equipment worth RM6.2 Million, which includes

2 central monitoring systems with patient monitors
10 ICU ventilation and respiratory monitoring devices
43 high-flow nasal cannulas
327 ICU beds & medical beds
142 Syringe Pumps
42 Infusion Pumps
19,000 N95 masks
10,000 face shields
190 Oxygen cylinders

(Statistics from May 24 to June 8, 2021)

 捐款 Give a Hand|Your kindness is a great source of support and comfort

Donation funds & purposes:

Charity Fund | Helping the underprivileged at the domestic front on a long term basis (tax deductible)
International Fund|Funding overseas disaster relief missions and helping foreigners living in Malaysia
Development Fund|Funding the developments of Tzu Chi's charitable missions and administrative expenses

| Donation to the Charity Fund is eligible for tax deduction. According to Malaysia Income Tax Act 1967, an application is required to submit official receipts along with donor details (either personal or company), English name/company name, IC number/company registration number, and address.

Ways to donate:

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