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Join Us in Environmental Protection

Everyone can help save the environment
Recyclable items - 3C products, metal, aluminium, paper,glass, clothing, plastics, others (e.g. car battery, beverage carton, CD/DVD)

Non-Recyclable Items

Non-Recyclable Items

Furniture, mattresses, pillows, soft toys, toys,
underwear, polystyrene/clay/wood/bamboo products,
tyres, shoes, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes

Locate our Recycling Centre / Point


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Recycling Centres / Points

Operation Time During Pandemic


Why Is Recycling Important?

A long long time ago, an Unknown Dynasty was faced with an unprecedented "crisis"...

What was the crisis? Is it solved now?

Welcome aboard the "Amateur Theatre" to find out the answer!


Cleaning Before Recycling

The Emperor's Crisis - The unknown emperor set up recycling centres to promote recycling to all his people. The initiative received a positive response, but, a headache followed...