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Volunteer with Us

With teamwork comes greater strength
Holding hands

What is meant by "volunteers with a mission"?

“Voluntary work” is making use of our free time to serve in meaningful ways without any remuneration. In Tzu Chi, our volunteers are called “volunteers with a mission” or “志工” (zhi gong) in Chinese. They regard service to the public as their goal, and contribute their time and money for the betterment of the community, especially the underprivileged. With a sense of mission and responsibility, they serve selflessly without counting the cost and work hard to overcome challenges along the way.

Tzu Chi’s manpower is primarily made up of volunteers. Every volunteer harbours a grateful heart as they dedicate themselves to work for the greater good, thereby bringing about a positive influence in the community, which provides the foundation for a strong and stable society.


Building a community spirit

“Community Volunteerism” is a unique feature of Tzu Chi. In the devastating aftermath of Typhoon Herb in 1996, Master Cheng Yen sensed the lack of community spirit among the local residents, and thus began to actively push for “Community Volunteerism”, where Tzu Chi volunteers within the neighbourhoods were grouped together based on their residential addresses. The volunteers in each neighbourhood would encourage residents to join their ranks, to help with recycling work and to care for needy and elderly residents. They would also organize gatherings to deepen their relationships with one another. In the event of a disaster, volunteers living in the vicinity would be quickly mobilized, to provide aid and relief to those affected. After the 921 Earthquake that struck Taiwan’s central region in 1999, the public witnessed the efficiency and effectiveness of the “Community Volunteerism” system.

Caring for elderly
Promoting recycling

The volunteers conduct home visits to needy households and carry out recycling activities in their respective neighbourhoods. They also establish recycling centres to encourage the residents to join their recycling efforts. In addition, Tzu Chi KL & Selangor signed memorandums of agreement with Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, to provide humanitarian support and aid in case of untoward incidents.

Tzu Chi volunteers hail from diverse backgrounds; there are working professionals, as well as homemakers and retirees. Regardless of age, religion or social status, they all share a common identity while wearing Tzu Chi uniforms. Volunteers may choose to volunteer in one or more of the following areas:

  • Home visit - Conduct monthly home visits and provide emotional support to aid/care recipients.
  • Institutional visit - Make regular care visits to centres for the disabled, leprosy home, HIV centres, nursing homes, etc.
  • Healthcare - Provide and/or support healthcare services in Tzu Chi’s free clinics, home care, health screening events, etc.
  • Education - Organize and/or conduct activities for the Tzu Chi's Parent-Child Bonding Class, Teenagers’ Class, Collegiate Youth Association, Teachers’ Association, Great Love Mothers’ team, and help out in classes conducted by the Continuing Education Centre.
  • Humanistic Culture - Volunteer duties at the Jing Si Books & Cafe and Jing Si Exhibition Hall.
  • Media, translation, design & décor - Writing, photography, videography, video editing, graphic design, venue decoration, translation and interpretation, etc.
  • Recycling Sort recyclables for recycling and promote environmental education.
  • Cleaning - Help with the cleaning of Tzu Chi’s premises
  • Culinary - Help with preparation of food and beverages during Tzu Chi's activities.
  • Transport & logistics - Set up venues, direct traffic, and assist in other logistical matters before and after activities.
  • Audio-visual (AV) - Audio and visual controls during activities.

Tzu Chi volunteers take pride in their services, which they regard as their duties, and serve willingly with joy. Although they may serve in different ways in different activities and locations, they all share the same values and spirit.

If you wish to join us as a volunteer, you can participate in our volunteer training programme to delve deeper into the Tzu Chi's spirit and to learn more about our shared values and practices.

Come and join us in living out our missions and aspirations, and leave footprints of love and kindness in people's lives!