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October 08, 2023

Disease Prevention Combat Camp: A Knowledge-filled Scientific Adventure

in Activity Report

by By Sia Ah Tong, KL & Selangor / Translated by the Translating Team

Integrating augmented reality technology and station games, the “Disease Prevention Combat Camp” science exhibition makes…
August 06, 2023

Healthcare Beyond Medicine – Your Food, Your Well-being

in Medicine

by By the Tzu Chi Documenting Team, KL & Selangor

The 2019 National Health and Morbidity Survey revealed that 1.7 million individuals in Malaysia were…
July 15, 2023

Unity Is Strength – TCISKL Secondary School Sports Day

in Education

by By Yap Kar Leng & Dong Min, KL & Selangor / Translated by Goh Hwe Yong

On July 15, 2023, Tzu Chi International School Kuala Lumpur held its annual sports day…
June 11, 2023

Inaugural Recycling Centre in an Elderly Care Centre

in Environment

by By Tan Kim Hion, KL & Selangor / Translated by Peggy Lee

“Come do recycling, be healthy, be worry-free!” The air was filled with joy as everyone…
June 18, 2023

A Great Physician’s Journey from Altruism to Profound Realisation

in People

by By Kong Siew Yen, KL & Selangor / Translated by Yi-Qin

We have only the right to use our physical bodies, but not to possess them.…
June 10, 2023

Sharing Soul-Enriching Experiences Over a Healthy Vegetarian Meal

in Activity Report

by By Choung Mou Hin & Chung Ming Mei, Miri / Translated by Yi-Qin

On June 10, 2023, Tzu Chi Miri organised a vegetarian dinner coupled with a talk…
May 28, 2023

Living Alone in an Orchard, Tzu Chi’s Compassion Warms the Heart

in Charity

by By Chung Ming Mei, Miri / Translated by Jilly Bong

Aunt Chiong, who lives alone in an orchard, faced the challenges of living without a…