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March 21, 2023

Relentless Zeal in Pursuit of Environmental Conservation Despite of Age

in Environment

by By Low Siew Lian, Malacca / Translated by Stephanie Chan

Even though the walk is slow, lifting requires exertion, the two silver-haired volunteers both carrying…
March 12, 2023

Entrepreneurs Find Inspiration at Tzu Chi Camp

in Activity Report

by By the Tzu Chi Documenting Team, KL & Selangor

Material wealth alone cannot bring true fulfilment, only a positive mindset creates greater happiness and…
March 12, 2023

Knowing How to Earn Is a Novice, Knowing How to Spend Is a Master

in Activity Report

by By Siah Siew Chew, KL & Selangor / Translated by Jessica Tan

He joined Tzu Chi in 1993, and in 2001, he decided to cease his business…
February 28, 2023

Bringing Urgent Relief to Earthquake Victims of Türkiye and Syria

in Charity

by By the Tzu Chi Documenting Team, KL & Selangor / Translated by Yew Siew Yong

On February 6, 2023, a devastating earthquake hit the southern region of Türkiye, close to…
February 19, 2023

Receiving and Passing On Blessings

in Education

by By Chong Pau Lin, Kong Siew Yen & Ng Mooi Mooi, KL & Selangor / Translated by Lee You Zhuan

Four years into its operation, Tzu Chi International School Kuala Lumpur (TCISKL) was finally able…
February 19, 2023

Towards a Better Me

in People

by By Tan Siew Chern, KL & Selangor / Translated by Lim Wen-Xin

No one would have thought that Stephanie Chew, who always appears eloquent, steady, calm, confident,…
February 12, 2023

Year-end Blessing Ceremony - Bringing Home Bountiful Blessings

in Year-end Blessing Ceremony

by By the Tzu Chi Documenting Team, KL & Selangor / Translated by Yi-Qin

Tzu Chi KL & Selangor held its Year-end Blessing Ceremonies on January 8 and February…