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INDONESIA COVID-19 Relief Action Report #3: Activities as of 29 April, 2020

Indonesia (BTCF)- The following report summarizes Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation (BTCF) relief actions in Indonesia as of 29 April.

As of 29 April, there have been 10,118 confirmed cases, 792 deaths, and 1,522 recovered cases of COVID-19 across all 34 provinces of Indonesia. With a Muslim-majority population, there were concerns that mass migration home for the celebrations, Eid al-Fitr, at the end of Ramadan, would lead to the further spread of COVID-19. Thus on 24 April, the first day of Ramadan, government officials imposed a domestic and international travel ban on all transportation. This led to many residents, dependent on public transportation, unable to complete daily tasks, and many transient workers with no means of returning home.

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During these challenging times, many of the front-line workers have been put under immense pressure to keep the population safe. These front-line workers include hospital staff, cemetery workers, and construction builders working on temporary hospitals. BTCF Indonesia has been working in partnership with government entities, hospitals, and other charitable organizations to provide relief.

Summary of Actions as of 29 April

1. Total donated supplies:

  • 2,241,100 surgical masks, 39,420 N95 masks, 1,000,000 COVID-19 test kits, 41,536 protective gowns, 111 ventilators, 11,840L of disinfectant, and 1,627 high pressure mist blasters
  • Food and necessities pack distributed to 344,000 families across 18 regions

2. Supported 844 hospitals and medical clinics in 17 regions, including:

  • Jakarta:
  •  Respirators were donated to RSPAD Gatot Soebroto hospital and RSPI Sulianti Saroso hospital.
  •  3,000 medical masks and 2,000 test kits donated to PERSI hospital

  • Manila, Bandung, Surabaya, Batam, Aceh, Biak:
  •  Over 215,000 medical masks donated to the public, military and private hospitals across the regions
  •  Donations of N95 Masks and goggles to 32 hospital and health centers across Batam
  •  1,000 medical masks and 150 medical gowns donated to Biak Numfor outbreak control center

In a big scale pandemic, it is important for non-governmental organizations to work in synergy and share resources to support our broader community. BTCF has been reaching out to partners and the government to offer support and assistance.

Since the end of March, BTCF has been working with the Artha Graha group, along with the Ministry of Health and regional government, to provide COVID-19 tests in Jakarta on Golf Island and set up a temporary medical unit in the Pademangan area. In partnership with Indonesia’s Medical Association, BTCF has made hand sanitizers, along with 5,000 face shields, to be distributed to volunteers, communities, and recycling centers.

Many of our vulnerable communities have been affected by the lockdown, resulting from loss of livelihood. Due to travelling restrictions and stay at home orders, it was difficult for BTCF to continue to provide assistance to the vulnerable families and individuals in our care and even harder, to support emerging communities faced with hardship due to COVID-19.

Working with police and the military, BTCF was able to distribute food packs containing 5kg of rice, 2kg of sugar, 2 bottles of oil, and 6 packs of instant noodles to these families.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen, the founder of BTCF, appeals to all “To mitigate disasters, we must work together. Compassion needs to be expressed, not just through words but through our actions. We must never let love turn into neglect or sincerity into indifference.” It is important for us to remember that the front-line worker includes not only medical professionals but also those still working to keep our communities safe.

With another medical facility, a hospital for COVID-19 patients, being constructed on Galang Island, near the city of Batam, many workers have had difficulty accessing food and water due to the urgency and the location of the hospital construction. BTCF, in partnership with Indonesia Red Cross Foundation, worked together to provide 63,000 dry-packed food, 44,000 packs of coffee, 1,900 bags of tea, and 3 water dispensers.

BTCF, with the Indonesia township association, also worked together to raise funds and procure PPE for front-line workers. Hearing that many cemetery workers are under immense stress, BTCF organized a COVID-19 relief distribution with food, necessities, and PPE supplies. Volunteers also took this opportunity to thank these workers for their courage in these challenging times.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, BTCF has strengthened and built partnerships with the government, charity organizations, and businesses to provide assistance in many areas.

BTCF believes, by coming together, from all industries and levels, we can support, strengthen, and build resilience in our communities.

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