Bless Sabah!

Tzu Chi volunteers rush to bring assistance
as Sabah is pushed to the brink in Covid-19 fight

Covid-19 in Sabah

As of 12:00 noon on October 28, 2020
Confirmed cases

(tops the nation)

New cases

(tops the nation)

In treatment

(tops the nation)

(Source: Official government websites & local medias)

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(Tzu Chi’s relief actions include assistance to medical institutions, local and stateless people;
for donations, please choose: Charity Fund (locals) | International Fund (stateless people)

Tzu Chi’s Relief Actions

As the number of confirmed cases soared, Tzu Chi chapters in Sabah swung into action, contacting hospitals to understand their needs, so as to provide immediate assistance.


Tzu Chi donated 70 bed and mattress sets, and 20 fans, to relieve the urgent needs of the Keningau Hospital


Tzu Chi Kota Kinabalu sent 230 Jing Si foldable beds and 7 tents to ease shortages faced by Tawau Hospital.

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PPE production for State Health Department


Volunteers produced:

460 isolation gowns
860 boot covers
380 head covers

Clinic set up by Tuaran Hospital

Sabah RELA Training Centre


Provision of 60 Jing Si foldable beds

Quarantine centre set up by Sandakan Hospital

Sibuga Sports Complex


Face shield production for Sandakan Hospital


Volunteers produced 1,950 face shields

Quarantine centre set up by Keningau Hospital

Keningau Sports Complex


Provision of

70 Jing Si foldable beds
70 mattress & pillow sets
21 industrial stand fans

Tawau Prison


Provision of

4 air-conditioning units
20 Jing Si foldable beds
20 eco-blankets
200 boxes of face masks

Clinic set up by Tawau Hospital

Tawau Sports Complex

Provision of

230 Jing Si foldable beds
230 mattress & pillow sets

Screening centre set up by Tawau Hospital

Forensic Medicine Department

Provision of

7 tents

Private clinics

Tawau | Semporna

Provision of

165 isolation gowns

Other Covid-19 relief actions by Tzu Chi

Since early 2020, Tzu Chi Malaysia has been providing various kinds of assistance to fight against the pandemic. Together we stand!


In March 2020, hospitals were in urgent needs of PPE. However, they were short in supply and the huge demand could not be fulfilled in a short period. Hence, Tzu Chi volunteers nationwide extended assistance to frontliners (including police stations) through the supplies of protective clothing, face masks, shoe and head covers. 【Learn more

As Covid-19 pandemic brought great challenge to the country’s economy, and many families fell into financial predicament and struggle for food, Tzu Chi KL & Selangor launched the “Kita1Keluarga” relief programme to provide financial assistance for three consecutive months, to 2,178 families from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor regions, who are impacted by the pandemic. 【Learn more

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