Presentation Ceremony

  • Enabling Underprivileged Students to Have Dreams

    Skimming through the Self-Assessment Booklets, an entry written in Bahasa Malaysia caught my attention: “My father earns only RM850 per month…” Taking into consideration that the Malaysian poverty line is RM980 per household per month, I could not help but wonder how this family live their lives, and whether the children under such circumstances could have a dream of their own?

  • Nurturing Students into Individuals with Sound Character

    How do we get along with ourselves, others and the environment? And how do we do things so that it is more likely for us to achieve our goals? One purpose of education is to nurture children into individuals with sound character and interpersonal skills.

  • Receiving the Gifts of Love

    On October 19, 2019, Tzu Chi Kota Tinggi volunteers organized a Tzu Chi Study & Awards Scheme presentation ceremony, where they also distributed Deepavali gift packs to the student beneficiaries, who come from Tamil schools.

  • Today’s Sapling, Tomorrow’s Shade

    A young sapling, if given enough nutrients and cared for properly, will grow up to be a tall, strong tree, providing shade for all.