House Repair

  • “Look mum, our house is turning into a swimming pool!” exclaimed an innocent child who was unaware of the apparent danger, while the mother nodded helplessly and agreeing to the request to play in the water – just to keep the child awake.

  • Granny Varudamah loves to show others photos of her younger self and her aged mother, daughter and former employer. Seeing the volunteers, she turned teary again. Gently patting on her shoulder, a volunteer comforted her saying, “Let bygones be bygones. Do not dwell on it anymore, alright?”

  • Nearing the Lunar New Year, a dream for the past decade was realized for Lim Yoke Sim and her mother, and it was delivered to their doorstep. Both were truly happy and moved, claiming that it was their most memorable, merriest and happiest Lunar New Year.

  • “It has been a long time since we last celebrated Chinese New Year by spring cleaning, painting the house and decorating it with lanterns. I am very delighted; so is my mother,” admitted Lim Moi’s youngest daughter, Hon Yon Heong timidly, indirectly expressing her gratitude towards Tzu Chi volunteers for their goodwill.