• To a Burmese couple, the birthday cake brought by volunteers, with “Love & Health” written on it, was like the little candles on the cake, lighting up their worried hearts. They prayed wholeheartedly and wished for peace, love and health to accompany their kids forever.

  • Undergoing dialysis treatment is a lengthy process that burdens kidney patients not only physically, but also financially. However, kidney patient Yan Kyin Kyu, a recipient of Tzu Chi’s financial aid, braces herself for the challenges ahead with remarkable courage. She hopes to someday prove herself capable of living independently without aid – and help others along the way.

  • It was a farewell where sorrow was replaced with gratitude and hope. She believed that with well wishes from the kind souls, she will be able to overcome all the challenges ahead and be greeted with a much better life on a foreign land.

  • Twenty years on, Tzu Chi volunteers who bore witness to the Nipah virus outbreak in Negeri Sembilan in 1999 reflected on their time spent extending moral support to affected families and offering assistance to the locals. It was a memorable experience that reinforced in them the selfless spirit of volunteerism.