Buddha Bathing Ceremony

  • On May 12, 2019, Tzu Chi Malacca held a Buddha Bathing Ceremony, where public members were invited to appreciate the beauty of Buddhism through the rituals and inspire them to contribute towards charitable causes through various activities.

  • The equilibrium between the elements of nature has been disrupted by our exploitative practices towards the environment, resulting in occurrences of both natural and man-made disasters globally. Embracing vegetarianism is considered an effective means of reducing carbon emissions and preserving the environment in the long run.
  • While Tzu Chi volunteers occupied themselves preparing for the Buddha Bathing Ceremony on May 12, 2019, they were also mindful in organizing a unique ceremony to accommodate the underprivileged group under Tzu Chi’s care, enabling them to share the spiritual joy and inner peace in paying respect to the Buddha on this special occasion.

  • The month of May is symbolic on Tzu Chi’s calendar as Buddha Bathing Ceremonies are conducted to celebrate Buddha’s Day, Mother’s Day and Global Tzu Chi’s Day in an auspicious occasion that commemorates the significance of reverence to the Buddha, filial gratitude and respect for all sentient beings.

  • Tzu Chi volunteers based in Subang Jaya and Putra Heights made their rounds at the USJ4 park, MPSJ Stadium and Taipan Business Centre to encourage members of the public to sign a pledge of commitment to a vegetarian diet in anticipation of the upcoming Buddha’s Day celebration.